I’ll have a drink most nights. Rarely two. Almost never three. I’ve acquired a pretty ridiculous variety of booze over the last ten years or so, even as cocktail culture has experienced a renaissance, a process of which I guess I’m a part, although certainly not an important one. I’m no mixologist savant. I just do what people tell me for the most part. Sometimes I’ll tweak things – for a long time I made a Mai Tai with grenadine which I thought was my own nice little personal touch until one day I realized it was a sickly sweet mess. But mostly I just follow the recipe. I gravitate toward vintage-y cocktails. My most used references are the old Savoy Cocktail Book, Ted Haigh‘s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, and Jeff “Beachbum” Berry‘s various tropical beverage compendiums. The latter two, in particular, are priceless sources of information about how to make better cocktails, and my growing knowledge of and interest in cocktails owes both no small debt.

My wife joins me in these explorations. It’s nice to have someone else judging a drink alongside you, although it’s rare that our opinions differ very widely. Most nights we try something new, although we have our staples that reappear at regular intervals – old-fashioneds, gimlets, absinthe, Pimm’s cups, certain Tiki drinks. But primarily, our goal is to try new things. The Savoy guide is especially good for this, as it is nearly limitless, and only occasionally terrible (for example, avoid at all costs its version of the Blackthorn Cocktail, which tastes like bile).

So join us for regular postings of whatever we happen to be drinking. Get the recipe, mixing directions, any alterations I might make, our reactions and reviews, and probably some pictures. Here’s how!


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