The Bunny Hug Cocktail

Having been sourcing drinks from nothing but the Savoy Cocktail Book for the last several posts, I was planning to turn elsewhere; but, as I sometimes do, I was perusing ahead in the Savoy looking for upcoming drinks to get excited about. Mostly this was because I’m coming up on a whole series of brandy cocktails, brandy not being a particular favorite of mine. That’s when I saw the Bunny Hug.

I’m not sure who’s the bigger ass: the guy who invented this drink; Craddock, for publishing it; or me, because I knew I was going to try it. At least Craddock issues this warning: “This Cocktail should immediately be poured down the sink before it is too late.”

“What’s so wrong with this drink, anyway?” you’re probably wondering by now. Well, take a look at the recipe:

1/3 gin

1/3 whisky

1/3 absinthe

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


Seriously. It sounds like the worst drink in the history of drink, apart from maybe that South American thing where dudes chew up stuff and then spit it out and let it ferment. Not that I’ve had that. But come on.

Anyway, at least it’s a very attractive-looking beverage.

Bunny HugThat pleasant pale-green color comes mostly from the absinthe. Unless you’re using a Swiss absinthe, which tend to be white. Then this would look like watered-down whisky.

So, on to the tasting.

Wait for it.

Wow. It’s actually quite good. It tastes pretty much like absinthe, which gives you an idea about how easily absinthe dominates other flavors. Gin and whisky aren’t exactly weaklings when it comes to the taste department, but they all but disappear here. You get an occasional hint of the whisky, and an even more occasional one of the gin, but mostly you just get absinthe, which is to say an anise flavor. And in fact, believe it or not, the whisky and gin actually serve to lessen the potency of this drink, as absinthe itself is usually bottled at somewhere between 60-70% ABV (120-140 proof).

All in all, a very pleasant surprise, and while it’s not my favorite way to drink absinthe, this one is probably worthy of repeat visits. A strong four livers.



2 thoughts on “The Bunny Hug Cocktail

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  2. This is a favorite at our house. We typically use 1/6 absinthe; 1/3 whiskey and 1/2 vodka. The gin never comes through flavor wise which is why we substitute vodka. Ice cold into a chilled martini glass. Very dry and flavorful.

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