The Ray Long Cocktail

Ray Long was the editor of Cosmopolitan throughout the 1920s, presumably before it became the magazine of record for “23 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy without Touching His Junk”-type articles. Or maybe it was that sort of thing back then too. “#6 – show him your knees.” Anyway, perhaps Mr. Long came up with this one, or ordered it so frequently it took his name. He eventually shot himself in the mouth with a rifle – badly. His maid found him, and he didn’t die until he’d been taken to the hospital some hours later.

I would guess this drink won’t lead you to suicide, but you never know, so consider yourself warned.

The Recipe:

1/3 Italian vermouth

2/3 brandy

1 dash Angostura bitters

4 dashes (1/2 tsp.) absinthe

Ray LongI used one ounce of vermouth and two of brandy. Looking at the ingredients, the Ray Long is not dissimilar from the Phoebe Snow cocktail, but this is a much more enjoyable drink, probably because a good vermouth is better than Dubonnet – but also because this is one of the rare drinks I’ve found where a bit of absinthe really helps to liven up the other flavors without giving the whole thing a noticeable (or overwhelming) licorice taste. This is also one of those drinks that grows on you. It’s pretty ho-hum at first, but quite good by the time you’re done with it. Four livers.



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