The Fox Trot Cocktail

From the Savoy Cocktail Book, this is more or less yet another variation on the daiquiri, and a very simple one – maybe too simple. This version leaves out the sugar entirely, using a bit of curaçao in its place, which isn’t really enough sweetness to overcome the tartness of the citrus.

The Recipe:

The juice of 1/2 a lemon or a whole lime

2 dashes curaçao

Bacardi Rum

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

The Savoy often specifies Bacardi rum, which, in the 1920s or 1930s would have been fine, as it was a much higher-quality spirit in those days. Today, not so much. Essentially, when Bacardi is called for, white rum is what you want. You can do as high-end as you want, but I find Cruzan works quite well in mixed drinks, and is as inexpensive as the Bacardi while offering a much better product. You’ll also notice no quantity at all is given here for the rum. I used two ounces but probably 1 1/2 would give you a more authentic experience. I also used lemon juice – as I normally default to lime when given the option, I wanted to go against my usual inclination for once.

Fox Trot

Looks like a daiquiri. Tastes…well, kind of like a daiquiri. But mostly like lemon juice. And rum. The curaçao is not present in enough quantity to really add much, and the lack of sweetness does this one in. It’s not awful, and if you really like a tart drink, you’ll probably enjoy this quite a bit. For the rest of us, three livers. Barely.


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