The Orange Blossom Cocktail

Last week we had the Orange Bloom, and yesterday the Cherry Blossom. Today comes the Orange Blossom, although I swear these are occurring completely randomly.

Not much to this one. And it violates the Peggy Olson rule.

The Recipe:

1/2 orange juice

1/2 gin

Shake with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

There you go. Hey, it’s just gin and juice!

“Q: What’s in Gin & Juice…please read on!?

Duh…It’s gin & juice. The drink is ghetto from what I have found out. What kind of gin and what kind of juice used? Just curious from a lifelong suberbia guy.”

“A: Gin and orange juice, b.”

“A: I’m from the suburbs too, but I love gin and juice. Usually you get a decent, but not expensive gin and mix with orange juice, or any juice you have on hand. Add some ice and there you go!”

Oops…a little Yahoo! Answers action there for you. Is there anything scarier in contemporary America than Yahoo! Answers? I posit there is not.

But yes, this is essentially gin and juice. But it’s vintage gin and juice, dammit!

Orange blossomThis tastes exactly how you think it would – like gin and orange juice. It’s not bad in the grand scheme of things, but you’d have to be pretty desperate or singularly lacking in imagination to make this for any reason other than that you’re doing something ridiculous like I am. Or, you know, if you’re ghetto. Or from the suburbs. Or suberbs. Three livers.


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