The White Lily Cocktail

The White Lily comes, once again, from the Savoy Cocktail Book, and is, I suppose, aptly named. Well, it’s not exactly white – more of a slightly milky color, halfway between transparent and opaque. White Lily

And that’s because none of its ingredients, save one, have any color at all, and the one that does is present in only a very small quantity.

The Recipe:

1/3 gin

1/3 Cointreau

1/3 white rum

1 dash absinthe

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Cocktails that mix equal parts of your major spirits (whiskey, gin, rum, vodka) are not too common. Because, really, you want one of those to shine through and provide the base of your drink, something the other ingredients can play off against. These sorts of drinks are rarely bad, but they are equally unlikely to be especially good. The White Lily fits the profile. The gin and rum seem to cancel each other out, leaving the Cointreau to do the heavy lifting, taste-wise. So you mostly get orange notes. The absinthe does lend a slight hint of anise, which is actually a nice contribution, giving the drink a tad more complexity than it otherwise would  have. It’s perfectly drinkable, but there’s no reason to ever make it again. Three livers.


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