The Knickerbocker a la Monsieur

Another from Ted Haigh’s Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, this is one of a pair of drinks (the other being for the ladies, the Knickerbocker a la Madame) that date from 1862, courtesy of Jerry Thomas. Given its early appearance and its ingredients and general flavor profile, this has to be one of the earliest proto-Tiki drinks, and indeed it could certainly pass as one in any decent Tiki bar in the world (of which there are like, what, six now?)

The Recipe:

2 ounces Virgin Islands rum (Cruzan works perfectly well)

1/2 ounce raspberry syrup

1/2 ounce curaçao

1 ounce lemon juice

1 slice of pineapple

1 slice of orange

Combine all ingredients with crushed ice in a goblet or tall glass, and stir well. Garnish with more fruit.


The drink pictured in Vintage Spirits is a lot darker than mine. This may have resulted from the use of orange-colored curaçao, whereas mine is uncolored, or it may have been because Haigh used gold rum, while I used white. The colored curaçao wouldn’t change anything, taste-wise, while of course the different rum would. In any case, this is a wonderful little rum concoction, with the syrup and curaçao cutting just enough of the lemon juice’s sourness to make the whole thing extremely palatable and refreshing. We’ll put this one at the extreme upper end of four-liver territory.


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