The Malacca Old-Fashioned

Another gin-based take on the Old-Fashioned, this comes once again from Robert O. Simonson’s new book, simply titled The Old-Fashioned. The recipe itself was created by Bobby Heugel of Houston’s Anvil Bar & Refuge, who wanted a drink that would showcase the unique qualities of Tanqueray Malacca back when supplies were truly limited (although the 2013 run of the spirit is supposedly a one-time affair, so it’s not as if we’re all awash in the stuff, though I’ve still got 5 1/2 liters on my shelf).

The Recipe;

2 ounces Tanqueray Malacca

1/2 tsp. rich simple syrup (2:1)

2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters

1 dash orange bitters.

Stir ingredients in an old-fashioned glass with a large chunk of ice; squeeze a lemon twist and drop into glass.

Malacca Old FashionedThe brightly-tinted Peychaud’s bitters give this cocktail a pleasant hue, and prove a good combination with the orange bitters and the fruity floral essence of the gin, which remains, as it should, the dominant flavor. I’m a big fan of Malacca so chances were pretty strong I was going to like this – and I did. Still, I find gin to work better in cocktails that have more ingredients. It just doesn’t stand on its own as well as, say, whiskey (not that it’s entirely alone here, but pretty close). All in all though, this is an excellent example of a gin old-fashioned. Four livers.


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