Negroni Week in Seattle

I was going to try to squeeze in a Negroni post this week but this one really covers it just fine. So, here you go.

Never Dry In Seattle

As a semi-professional drinker, I have a habit of judging people by their drink orders.  Not big judgements like who to be friends with or whether they are good people or not, but definitely small things like how much they watch Mad Men they watch (Old Fashioned) or how much they love The Big Lebowski (White Russian)… whether they don’t like the taste of alcohol (anything with Whipped Vodka) or have acquired a taste for the truly great cocktail that is the subject of today’s post.

The Negroni is a truly great cocktail not because it is crowd pleasing.  It is not the easiest drink for those new to cocktails.  The delicious combination of Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth is flavorful, bold and a bit bitter.  It is not a casual drink that is easy to drink and unremarkable.  The Negroni demands your attention.  It is a drink that needs…

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