The Last Word Cocktail

This is another gin/Chartreuse/citrus combination, and is, in both its makeup and its flavor, quite similar to the recently-posted Spring Feeling cocktail. It comes, once again, from Jim Meehan’s PDT Cocktail Book, but appeared first, in slightly different form, in Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up from 1951.

The Recipe:

1/4 gin

1/4 Maraschino liqueur

1/4 green Chartreuse

1/4 lime juice

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Last Word

It also looks pretty much exactly the same as the Spring Feeling, not surprisingly. Flavor-wise, this is another cocktail in which Chartreuse works very well, with its best qualities coming to the fore. The same goes for the Maraschino, despite both being present here in fairly hefty proportions, a scenario for either ingredient that usually makes for a not-especially-great beverage. It’s a strong drink, both in the alcoholic punch it packs and the complex flavors it offers, but it is very well balanced, with all four ingredients adding conspicuously to the overall package. While not one for the beginning cocktailian, those looking for something a little more adventurous should be quite pleased. A strong four livers.


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