The Barbados Buck

Hmm…now that I type it out, that name sounds a little racist. But bucks, as a category, are merely drinks featuring a base spirit, citrus juice, and ginger beer or ginger ale. And this drink is really nothing more than a more fancily-named rum buck. It comes from Charles Baker’s The Gentleman’s Companion, although he certainly didn’t invent the thing.

The Recipe:

1 1/2 oz. Barbados rum (Doorly’s)

1 1/2 oz. white rum

The juice of one lime

1 tsp. simple syrup.

Combine the ingredients in a large highball glass (14-16 oz.) with one or two large chunks of ice. Stir, then fill with ginger beer , about 6-8 oz. (Fever Tree works well). NOTE: ginger beer is much more gingery and much less sweet than ginger ale, so do not substitute one for the other.

Barbados Buck

You would never know that this has 3 ounces of rum in it. It tastes like ginger beer. It has no hint of alcohol whatsoever. And yet, it is there. I know. I poured it myself. And the drink packs a pretty good kick. Two of these would have you distinctly tipsy, so potate with caution. But it is a very refreshing beverage of a warm evening. Not as refreshing as, say, a Pimm’s Cup, but you do get more bang for your buck (no pun intended, and yet pun achieved), so if you’re looking to get a nice buzz on with your cooler, you could do a lot worse. Still, since it pretty much just tastes like ginger beer, I’m only going to give this one three livers.


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