Savannah Planter’s Punch

Planter’s Punch probably has more variations than just about any other drink; in fact, it’s not really a specific drink at all, but more a category of drinks, as this excellent post over at Cold Glass suggests. Bascially, a Planter’s Punch consists of various combinations of rum, sweetener, lime or lemon juice, and maybe a few other things. They are descendants of even earlier rum-based punches of the 1700s, and distinct precursors of the Tiki drink.

I pulled this version from Charles Baker’s The Gentleman’s Companion, wherein he describes as quite different from other versions common throughout the Caribbean islands.

The Recipe:

2 oz. Jamaican Rum (gold, not dark – I used Appleton Estate V/X)

3 oz. cognac

3/4 oz. pineapple juice

The juice of one lime

Shake with ice and strain into a large glass filled about half-full with crushed or shaved ice. Add additional ice to fill if necessary. Garnish with a cherry or two and a slice of pineapple.

Savannah Planter's Punch

As you can see from the recipe, this is a big drink, with a lot of booze in it, and it packs a commensurate punch (no pun intended yet again). It’s definitely on the tart side – I would probably double the pineapple juice if I made this again, which I won’t because there are still like eight-thousand other drinks I need to make. I’ll also be the first to admit that my current bottle of cognac is not an especially good one; I imagine this would be a bit mellower with a higher-quality brandy. That said, I didn’t feel like the rum and the brandy got along all that well. I didn’t have any problems making it through this beast, but there are better tropicals out there. Three livers.


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