The Moll Cocktail

We’re back to the classic Savoy Cocktail Book for this one. I haven’t been able to track down much of anything about the provenance of the Moll, but it presumably takes its name from the word for a gangster’s girl (who often, herself, packed a piece) that was being popularized in the nascent hard-boiled detective stories of the 1920s – although the term, referring to an unmarried female consort of a professional thief, dates to at least the early 17th century. Nothing like a little etymology with your mixology, eh?

The Recipe:

1 part gin

1 part French vermouth

1 part sloe gin

A few drops of orange bitters (I went with a dash)

The Savoy also calls for sugar to taste, but I didn’t feel it needed any. Suit yourself in that regard.

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Moll Cocktail

Perhaps not surprisingly, given that it is largely equal parts gin and vermouth, the Moll tastes not unlike a Negroni, albeit one with strong notes of plum and orange (from the sloe gin and bitters, respectively). It’s a pretty satisfying little cocktail, although like the Negroni it features a not-insignificant bitterness. If you’re really not keen on bitter, avoid this one. But I quite liked it. Four livers.


One thought on “The Moll Cocktail

  1. nice story but not quite right. The Moll cocktail was inspired by my great uncle Arthur who frequented the Savoy
    cheers Richard Moll

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