Blackbeard’s Ghost

We’re starting the year off with a bang, because this drink is dy-no-mite! See what I did there? Anyhoo. This is a Beachbum Berry rejiggering of a drink that was offered at Blackbeard’s Galley in Newport Beach, and went by the name of Pirate Grog. Like so many fine Tiki establishments, Blackbeard’s Galley shut down in the 1980s. If this drink is any indication, that is a damn shame.

The Recipe:

1.5 oz. fresh orange juice

1 oz. fresh lemon juice

.5 oz. apricot brandy

.5 oz. falernum (use Velvet Falernum; a more syrupy product like Fee Brothers will be too sweet for this drink)

.5 oz. Demerara rum (Berry suggests subbing dark Jamaican if necessary; I used Zaya, an excellent dark Nicaraguan rum)

1.5 oz. white rum

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Shake with ice; strain into a double old-fashioned glass. Add ice. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and an orange slice; Berry says to use a pirate-flag toothpick, and if you have one, go ahead. I used one of those little swords to add some swashbuckling verisimilitude.

Blackbeard's Ghost

Bazonga, as my two-year old says. This is a seriously good beverage. Like most fine Tiki drinks, it has a perfect blend of sweetness and sourness and booziness. The lemon tarts up the orange juice just enough, and the apricot brandy gets along well with everything. The falernum adds some warm spicy notes, along with some vanilla, which also comes from the dark rum I used. All in all it tastes not unlike an alcoholic orange-vanilla creamsicle. But, you know, better than that even. Just make it. Five livers.


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